A Round of the Cornwall Trials Championship 29/10/17 Trevaylor-Trial-Regs Trevaylor-woods-entry-form NOTE; There will be 2 EXTRA courses for Medium and Hard Oset/Petrol Youth Riders

Trevaylor Trial

REGS OUT SOON FOR Championship Trial 29/10/17 at Trevaylor Woods

Grey Beards 24.9.17

NEXT TRIAL 24.9.17 Grey Beards-Regs Grey Beards-Entry-Form

Lamorna 27.08.2017

Riders List Lamorna H&H August 2017

Lamorna H&H

Lamorna entries are now closed and a Riders list will be put up ASAP along with any final instuctions

Next Trial 26.06.2017 is CANCELLED

Regs and Entry Forms on Events page for The Peninsula Road Trial 11.6.17

Ellis Cup Trial 28/05/2017 Championship Round

Trial Regs Rosewall Hill 28.5.2017 Trials-Entry-Form-ROSEWALL-HILL-ST-IVES-2017

The Peninsula Road Trial 11/06/2017

Regs and entry The Peninsula Trial Regs

David Phillips Trial

David Phillips TrialDavid Phillips Regs